Wednesday, November 15, 2017

More insects ideas!

Hi everyone! We are continuing to add to our understanding of insects..this week we learned that the mealworms were the larva of darkling beetles! So we explored the mealworm life cycle.
We also learned more about how insects protect themselves from predators - we researched ideas then created a poster and project.

Earlier in the week we made some cute turkey art using different kinds of lines...

We have had a busy week and are working hard to wrap up our final insect projects. See you soon!

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Halloween week

 Hi everyone!
WE continue to explore ideas about insects together and observe our mealworms grow...but this week, the excitement was Halloween!
we explored graphing concepts using candy!

And yes, we also ate some!

The next day we learned more about recycling with a free metro puppet show! Kenji and the 3 R's

On November 1st we made our monthly calendar art!

Today we learned more about what insects eat and made a project to teach others what we had learned.  Enjoy your 3 day weekend!

Friday, October 27, 2017

A quick update

We had another busy week learning about insects enjoying this wonderful fall weather.
We also had a fantastic time with our third grade buddy classroom who taught us how to fold "fortune tellers".  They were so patient and kind - it was a magical moment.
Enjoy some pictures - the kids were having a great time with the fall leaves, proving that some of the best things in life are free....

Monday, October 23, 2017

More insect ideas!

The week of October 16 -20 was very busy full of more learning about insects - we were able to read, write, speak, read and calculate using ideas about insects! Wow! Your children are amazing!

 The week began with pumpkin art ...pumpkin patch at night!

 We solved bug story problems...

Then we made our own story problems!

We observed and wrote about our mealworms...

 We researched different questions about mealworms and wrote about them...

 How lucky we all are to see fall in all of its glory!

See you next time!

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Math ideas...and learning more about insects!

Hi everyone!
This week we continued to learn more ideas about math.  We worked together to make a chart of counting by 10's and 5's.  Many of the young mathematicians are familiar with counting by 5's and 10's, but we still cover the concept as a class at least once to make sure everyone has a chance to be reminded of strategies, learn the idea for a the first time, or share their good math ideas with others. Ask  your child to count by 5's and 10's for you!

On the calendar grid, we are learning more about position ideas - where things are in relation to each other: front, back, next to, etc..

Number corner also gives us time to learn more about how numbers relate to each other.  One way we learn more about equations is by discovering addition equations that are "doubles" - such as 2 + 2 and "neighbors" such as 1+2.  This strategy will help as we move into adding larger numbers past ten.
Finally, we began our study of insects this week.  We will be learning about how scientists research, draw, write, observe, speak,listen,  and calculate.  Here are some pictures of the students sharing ideas from books with each other.  We will continue our study of insect for the next 4-6 weeks!

Thanks everyone - have a great weekend!

Friday, October 6, 2017

Wrapping up Special person

This has been a lovely 24 days getting to know each other through reading and writing stories for each other.  Today we enjoyed our open house where the students did the showing.  Wonderful seeing all of you today - thanks for coming and have a fantastic weekend!