Friday, February 16, 2018

Valentine"s Day, Field Trip, 100s day...whew

Hi everyone! This week was packed full of action - check out the photos below for a glimpse into our busy week!
First we got a glimpse of out wonderful auction project - thank you Eggers family for all your hard work!

 Monday, we measured, drew, and painted life size penguins!

 On Wednesday, we created Valentine boxes

 Then we got on the bus for a ride to the are a few kids who had their first bus ride!

 Pete the Cat was great!
 When we returned, Valentine delivery!  and candy eating...

 Back on Tuesday, we wrote ideas to help others learn about penguins...

On 100's day, we began with a scavenger hunt to find all 100 Hershey Kisses...then we figured out how to divide 100 by 24 so we could eat the kisses!

 We wrote 100's charts

 We made necklaces out of 100 pieces of cereal.

 Then we had a Kona Shave Ice party - thank you Rebecca!

Whew...a very busy week - thanks for all of the support from home and have a great 3 day weekend!

Friday, February 2, 2018

End of January?

Yup - it is the end of January - sometimes January can seem like such a long month coming back from the holidays, but we have filled it with wonderful penguin learning!  Here are some more interesting things we learned/did this week at school

We learned more about math with penguin games

we learned more about length by measuring the height of penguins

we learned more about Chinstrap penguins - the most numerous in the world (over 50 million)

we learned more about penguin predators

 WE are very grateful to the PTA for supporting science in school.  We had a visitor from the zoo who brought 2 animals to teach us more about how animals survive the winter - hibernation, migration, or acclimation - which is how penguins survive!

tortoise time - they hibernate

fun to pet!

so cute - and over 25 years old!

here comes the duck!  they migrate!

 Today, we were privileged to view "the roots of hip-hop" with the Rainbow dance theater - what a great, interactive performance!

Thanks for all of the support from home everyone - and have a wonderful weekend!