Friday, April 22, 2016

The wetlands - habitat study

Hi everyone!
We are moving into a study about the biomes of the world.  This week we began our study by reading, writing, thinking, speaking, creating and listening to ideas about wetlands!  Ask your young ecologist about what they learned regarding freshwater habitats - wetlands.  Here are the projects they created this week:

 Your young scientists are amazing!  Thanks everyone!

Artist in Residence!

We were very busy this week enjoying Shuhe, our mask-making expert artist.  We began by thinking of an animal to interpret as a mask.  Shuhe showed us how to channel an animal spirit.

Then we got busy creating our masks:

 They were turning out really beautiful!

 Friday it was time for practice and performance!  The artist taught us about performance with the masks...

 Thank you so much PTA for your generous support of the arts at Duniway!  Enjoy the video!

Friday, April 15, 2016

This has been a busy week!

Hi everyone,

What a busy week this has been; enjoy the photo essay below to get a glimpse of what your children have been working on this week!  Thanks to Chris Timberlake and Anne Kean for all of the help with the art show.

We created weather scrapbooks.

backstage at the singing performance

 Sharing our weather knowledge with others...fifth grade buddies...

 Other second graders....

 Parent too...

 Fourth Grade Friends....

 More parents...

Thanks everyone...have a great weekend!