Friday, March 21, 2014

Friday March 21- Happy Afghan New Year

Thank you to Roxana for sharing more about her culture and bringing us all a gift to celebrate Afghan New Year!  Saleh Now Mubarak!

It is also the Spring Equinox, which is perfect timing for this glorious weather and Spring Break!

We finished some projects today and were able to visit Ms. Holmes room so the 4th graders could share their pirate stories with us.  Here are a few pictures:

Later, we created art about clouds.  We wrote clouds facts, then drew clouds with crayons, then washed over them with watercolor to create the sky- look for the finished pieces in the hall when you return from break!  Here are some pictures of our art time...

I wish you all a wonderful break and hope you have time to do whatever brings you joy!

(I will be writing a 20 page paper...but will still find time to snuggle my boys!)


Thursday, March 20, 2014

Thursday March 20

Hi everyone!  Today we spent more time reading and writing about weather, learned more about clouds, and continued using the standard algorithm for double-digit subtraction; whew!

Here are some more ideas from the kids:

"It was nice when Lauren played with me at recess." Cassidy
"I liked using multiplication during Number Corner." Miles
"I enjoyed using the new LEGO's during choice time." Dah
"The Tomie DePaola book about clouds was fun!" Layton
"I enjoyed reading a new book with Kali today." Norah
"It was nice of Ezra to let me read his new book with him." Jasper
"I enjoyed sharing ideas and playing with Roxana today." Evalyn
"I enjoyed reading with Sam during quiet reading." Parker

Library books and homework tomorrow-  see you then!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Tuesday March 18

Hi everyone!

Here are some ideas from the students today:

"It was nice at choice time when Ezra shared the Widgits with me." Thomas
"I really enjoyed the "How Clouds are Formed" project today." Alex, Matthew, Cassidy & others
"It was nice when Mrs. Robb fixed my broken weather journal." Layton
"I liked it when Evelyn drew with me at choice time." Hensley
"During literacy time, I enjoyed responding and writing about the Scholastic News because it was about clouds." Beckett
"I liked reading 'The Other Side of the Hill' because it is a funny story!"  Miles
"It was fun to create a water cycle wheel for the science center." Cassidy

Thanks everyone!  Enjoy the sun- no cumulonimbus clouds in sight!  :)

Monday, March 17, 2014

Monday March 17- Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Happy birthday Jasper!

We started the day with some Irish spirit- and maybe a visit from an little Irish spirit!

Later in the day we researched more about clouds and the weather they is the poster we created from our ideas:

Thanks to everyone, but also Lauren who gave us such a nice "pot of gold" example to help us remember that rainbows originate from stratus clouds.

Here are ideas from the students:
"I enjoyed creating examples of weather tools." Alex, Layton, Matthew, and others
"I enjoyed researching and creating a poster about clouds." Layton
"Reading about clouds with Evelyn was fun because the books we were reading had alot of information about clouds." Norah
"When we were researching clouds, it was kind for Norah to help me when I got stuck on a word."  Hensley

See you tomorrow!

Friday, March 14, 2014

Friday March 14

Although we started with a grey morning, the afternoon sun reminds us that Spring is almost here! 

Along with our normal Friday work, we had a wonderful visitor today.  Isabella's grandpa Joel was kind enough to visit our classroom and show us some of the tools that meteorologists use.  He also gave us some wonderful pictures of his home weather station.  A tornado of "thank you's" to the weather grandpa! Pictures of his visit are below...

Have a great weekend and enjoy the sun!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Tuesday March 4 (whoops, forgot to press post! Here it is, better late than never!)

Today we studied more about how the Sun heats the Earth and how this is the basic cause of weather on our planet.
We also had a fun visit from Mr. Goldstein.  In honor of Dr. Suess, he shared his favorite Dr. Suess book with us- The Butter Battle Book.  Here are some pictures...and a video!  Thanks Mr. Goldstein- come back and visit any time!
Here are some more ideas from the students:
"It was helpful when Miles picked up my coat at recess when I was in a hurry." Layton
"I enjoyed having Mr. Goldstein read to us." Cassidy
"I enjoyed playing tag with Matthew and other friends at recess because everyone was playing fair." Alex
"Evelyn was very nice to me at recess." Hensley
See you tomorrow-


Here are some ideas from the kids...

Thursday March 13

Happy Birthday Hensley!

Today we added more information to our ideas about the water cycle and how it relates to weather.  We also created little "helicopter" and compass rose to test wind direction (blowing from the west today-although the girls' hair could have told us too!)- take a look:

Here are thoughts from the kids:

Alex and Matthew are good friends and they help each other in many ways, such as writing a comic book or learning a new game on the iPad.

Layton liked it when Bill Nye shows an experiment- today he created a cloud.

Hensley appreciated Evelyn helping her with her water cycle book.

Cooper liked making and reading the water cycle book.

Kali enjoyed quiet reading time with Hensley.

Parker and Sam used their Choice Time to continue writing their comic book together.

Ezra thought Thomas was kind when he helped build a Widgit creation with him.

Library books and homework due tomorrow!  See you then!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Tuesday March 11

Hi Everyone!  Here are thought from the kids today:

"I liked reading a Minecraft books with Matthew because I have not seen all of the inventions yet" Alex

"When we were coming in from recess, Miles remembered to grab my weather record book for me!" Layton

"I really enjoyed writing a biography today!." Norah

"I made another diagram to add to our water cycle information." Roxana

"The short video about the water cycle was funny and I learned something!" Ezra & many others

"Lola reminded me of a fact for my non-fiction book." Kali

"Evelyn was kind and she helped me during writing time." Hensley

Enjoy the sun...see you tomorrow!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Monday March 10

Today we kept busy!  We moved to new seats and learned our new poem and book of the week.
We also learned more about wind and how it is formed!

Here are some ideas from the kids:

"I liked making a diagram about how wind is formed because Mrs. Robb let me hang it up." Roxana

"I liked making a book about how wind is formed." Alex, Miles, and others...

"It was kind of Alex to share the iPad with me during Choice Time" Matthew

"I liked Bill Nye Science Guy explaining the weather because it was funny and I learned new things." Layton

"Jasper taught me the math game he created."  Ezra

"It was nice for Evalyn to help me finish my book about wind." Hensley

"Sophia helped me clean out our locker!" Norah

I heard the auction was a great success!  Great job everyone!

See you tomorrow!

Monday, March 3, 2014

Monday March 3 - Pushy Air

Today we experimented with air to see if air had weight and took up space- and it did!  Air can hold up books!  This is important for studying weather since weather takes place in air.  Air pressure is everywhere...

We also attended a puppet show to learn more about keeping a compost pile in our!

Book orders went home today!  If you are paying by check or money order, please return by Wednesday.  Otherwise, you have until Saturday.
See you tomorrow-