Friday, June 16, 2017

The last week of second grade 2017

This was a very fun, busy week.  Each day this week, someone said "This has been the best day!"  I agree...each day was better than the last.  Here is a snapshot of the week:

Skating at Oak's Park - this was amazing - the kids showed such perseverance - they fell down, then got back up again. And who knew so many parents were such great skaters!  Thanks for the help!

 Tuesday: Walk to Crystal Springs Garden: Thanks to Mrs. Neff, we all had bags of corn to feed the ducks - a great Blue Heron was also there to witness the fun!

 Wednesday we hung out at school - and had TECH DAY!  That was hit with the kids!

Thursday, the final day.  We enjoyed a quiet morning, then we enjoyed a magic show!

Later, I asked them what their favorite part of second grade was or what they learned:

"I  learned about leopards” Charlie
“The favorite thing about second grade was animal reports” Katherine
“My favorite thing I learned was about ant” Harper
“My favorite thing in second grade is my teacher” Emma P.
“My favorite thing about second grade is that everyone was nice to each other.” Juliet
“I liked learning about weather” Nicolas
“My favorite subject was math – all of it!” Admiral
“My favorite thing was making weather tools” Jinju
“My favorite thing was reading” Emma L.
“I learned more about porcupines” Corinne
“I learned about sea otters.” Arron
“I liked doing all of the fun art projects and learning about parrot fish” Willow
“I learned about snow leopards.” Amani
“I really enjoyed all of the art projects.” Jude
“ I learned more about art.” Olivia
“I liked when we got to do the bring your own technology to school.” Milo
“I liked having Mrs. Robb as my teacher and doing all of the art projects.” Vivian
“My favorite things are that we do a lot of art projects and learned about meerkats.” Luke
“ I learned more about reptiles.” Jake Lai
“I learned more about bull sharks and learning about habitats was fun.” Jake
“I learned a lot more about biomes.” Miki
“I liked technology day and learned more about polar bears.” Steven
“My favorite thing about second grade is my teacher.” Rory
“I liked learning about food.” Julia
“I liked reading Wayside School.” Cyan

A final class picture...
At the end of the day we watched a movie about family, being smart, and never giving up.
At the end of the movie is this quote:

This is what I wish for all of you...
1. Find a way to be kind everyday
2. Listen to your parents and teachers
3.Try to learn something new everyday
4. Keep moving forward and taking chances - you never know what the future will bring you

Thank you all for a wonderful year....signing off for 2017 - B.R.

Friday, June 9, 2017

Final Animal Project Day

This has been such a busy 6 weeks as we worked hard to become experts about the animals we chose to study.  Today all of the hard work came to a close with a second grade project party! In addition reports, some students chose to make projects at home; here are their projects:

 And here is the party!

One of the projects was a puppet show :  check it out!

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

A visit from a scientist

Hi everyone!
We were so lucky this week to have a visit from Dr. Metz, biologist, rainforest visitor, and parent!
She showed us amazing pictures and videos from the tropical rainforest and the kids had good questions to ask and ideas to share.  She also makes great monkey sounds! They are really excited about creating projects this week because of this visit.  Thanks again!

interesting insects

a caterpillar that looks like a snake?  wow

Parade Day

Here are a few pictures from our Duniway parade! So much fun!

Friday, June 2, 2017

The ocean biome

This week your young scientists researched and created projects to help them understand and show their understanding of the ocean!  Enjoy some pictures of their wonderful projects!