Thursday, June 9, 2016

Last Day of Second Grade 2016

Hi everyone!
Our day began with a little time of sharing.  We told at least one thing we liked or learned in second grade.
“I liked learning about ants and field trips and having Mrs. Robb as a teacher.” Grace
“I liked learning about ants and seeing how they were moving.” Ryan
“I liked learning about food because we got to make food!” Ia
“I liked writing animal reports.” Kaiser
“ I liked going to the farm and seeing the pigs.” Brady
“I liked doing my math test.” Gabe
“I liked learning about food because we got to do some fun experiments.” Sam
“I liked all of the projects we did because they were hard and when I finished I was very proud of myself.” Lucia
“I’m glad that I learned about weather and I liked that you had iPads.” Miles
“I liked learning about Burmese pythons.” Luke
“I liked learning about our bodies and our teeth.” Adina
“I liked learning about ants.” Ruby
“I liked learning about weather – especially storms.” Sophia
“I liked field trips because you get to get to learn about interesting things.” Liam
“I liked learning about weather and tornadoes.” Zach
“I like literally everything, but especially class trips.”  Jesse
“ I really liked learning about Tasmanian devils and writing my report.” Natalie
“I liked going on lots of field trips because I learn something different.” Matilda
“I liked learning about the atmosphere and writing my report about woodchucks.” Aiden B.
“I liked learning about our food unit because we got to do a lot of cool experiments.” Ashe
“I liked that the room is full of interesting things.” Xander
“I liked learning about food when Miss Neville was here.” Ana
“I liked learning about weather and writing my animal report and having you as a teacher.” Rigby
“I liked learning how to do multiplication.” Aiden D.
“ I liked learning about the atmosphere and how asteroids catch on fire.” Tyler
“I liked making a lot of new friends!” Zoe

“I liked learning about otters and writing my report.” Aven

We cleaned up a bit, and played a bit.  Then we enjoyed a magic show!

We enjoyed a sweet movie about science, learning, and family.  "Keep moving forward."

Finally we got to see our year long art portfolios (and finish Wayside School!!)

It has been a year full of learning and fun.  
Be kind to all...
Listen to your parents and teachers...
Learn something new everyday...

Thank you for letting me be a part of your lives...stop by and say hi next year - 

Dr. Robb signing off for 2016

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Game day - and Project Party!

Hi everyone!
We had a wonderful day yesterday.  In the morning we had art and math.  In the afternoon we got to enjoy each other's games from home!  Great fun:

At the end of the day we had a great (but very hot!) time presenting our projects to all of the second grade families!  The projects and reports were wonderful - thank you all for your support from home.

Friday, June 3, 2016

Happy Duniway Parade

Hi folks!

This was a busy week - the students finished up their amazing animal reports, learned more about the rainforest, and had fun in the Duniway Parade!  We had fun waving to all of the parents!  Enjoy some pictures!  Have a lovely weekend!