Monday, September 30, 2013

Monday September 30

Drew was our Special Person today and he told us a story about attending a Timbers game and watching them score a goal!  Fun!

Homework:  If you want your homework returned each week, there is now a box for you to check.  I always look at the homework and keep track that is has been turned in, but I will not keep it after I have seen it.  So,  if you want the packet returned, let me know on the cover sheet.

Last Friday, your child brought home a packet of independent work.  This was work they completed while I was working one-on-one or in small groups with other students.  Look for this work each Friday.  It will be a 'personal best' effort for each student each week.

The October Scholastic Book Order went home today.  Orders are due on Friday the 4th.  Thanks

That's all for today!  :)

Friday, September 27, 2013

Friday September 27

Our Special Person today was Matthew and he told us a story about visiting LEGOland with his family!  Sounds like fun...I'm sure I'll go there someday with my son.

Thanks to all who were able to visit today!  We had a great turn out...perhaps we should do this again sometime!  :)

Here are the pictures...have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Thursday, September 26

Today the Special Person was Norah!!!  She told us a story about roasting marshmallows over a campfire and then having s'mores!  Makes me hungry!  Thanks Norah.

Please return HOMEWORK and LIBRARY BOOKS tomorrow!

Our Open House is tomorrow.  When you come, please stop at the office and sign in.  Walk around, enjoy the room and look at your child's projects.  It will get a little crowded, but fun!  If you wish to stay and read a book, or leave early, it's up to you. If you do leave before 3:00, sign out your child at the office before you leave.  Thanks!

Seems like we are entering cold and flu season early this year...I'll keep reminding the kids to cover their mouth when they sneeze and cough.  I'm working my way through a virus right now and I hope it does not hit your house!

Today at school we did much reading and writing.  We also built and drew a line plot, which is a new kind of graph for the students. 
Drawing and understanding a line plot is part of the Mathematical standards in the national Common Core Curriculum for second grade.

Here are some thoughts from the students today:
"I liked silent reading because I was able to read a rabbit book" Jasper
"My favorite part of the day was writing because I like writing stories" Matthew (and I really enjoy reading them!)
"I liked today because Norah made me something During choice time." Lola
"I liked choice time because I built an awesome marble track." Layton
"I liked using iPads during choice time." Olivia
"I liked choice time because I was able to build LEGOs." Anders
" I really enjoyed writing time because I am ready to publish a story." Lauren
"I like the book 'Bad Kitty' that Mrs. Robb read to us." Beckett and Jasper

See you tomorrow everyone!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Wednesday, September 25

Our Special Person today was Olivia and she told us about riding the Matterhorn at was bumpy, but she liked it!  Thanks Olivia!

Today our first book order arrived and we were so excited!  We also have over 15 new books for the classroom because of the points earned by your purchases.  Thank you everyone!  Another opportunity for book ordering will be available in October!

Just a quick note today...I'm off to class and I'll see you all tomorrow...who knows who the Special Person will be then???

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Tuesday September 24

Today our Special Person was Ryder.  He told us a great story of dirt bike riding with his older cousin.  Great story Ryder!

We had another busy productive day.  We began our Literacy Block, which is a time devoted to reading fiction, non-fiction, and poetry and writing about our reading.  This is also the time where I will be providing small group instruction geared towards your child's needs as a reader.

During math, we took a short test to see what we remembered from first grade.  We looked at the calendar and noticed that today is the 24th.  The number 24 has four different rectangles (multiples): 1x24, 2x12, 3x8, 6x4.  Wow!

We need parent volunteers for a few minutes next week:  from 2:15-2:45 on October 2 for our clay art.  Please let me know ASAP if you can help.

Here are some ideas from the students today:

"I really liked quiet reading because I was reading with Matthew." Alex
"I liked the math test." Beckett
"I liked our writing time." Miles
"I enjoyed choice time because I like sharing and using the LEGOs." Drew
"I liked helping Ezra solve puzzles on the ISPY game on the computer." Parker
"I liked reading Judy Moody." Lauren
"I liked quiet reading time with Parker." Ezra
"I liked writing time today because I finished up one page and I want to add more, so I got another piece of paper!" Layton
"I really liked using LEGOs with Drew and Thomas during choice time."

(FYI- students only get choice time when they complete all of their work for the day- and it is rarely for more than 20 minutes.  It is a nice way to end the day and gives me a chance to work one-on-one with students...)

Have a great day...see you tomorrow!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Monday September 23

Our Special Person today is Lauren!  She told us a story about visiting Black Butte and riding horses with her family which sounds amazing!

Today your child brought home homework and individualized spelling list procedure.  Email me if you have any questions about the attached instructions.

Your child should have brought home an invitation to our Open Classroom on Friday at 2:30.  Please come and see the room and you child's desk, look at their projects, and try their favorite center.  If you cannot come, do not worry.  Your child will get a little more choice time that day and get to see their friends' families.  Hope to see you there!

Thanks for all the kind concern about my little boy.  He's doing just fine and I think he finally kicked his cough!  Now hopefully we can all stay healthy and not miss any more work and school.

See you tomorrow!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Thursday September 19

Today our Special Person was Layton and he told us a story about seeing dinosaur fossils at the National Museum!  Wow!  Thanks Layton.

We had a wonderfully busy day writing, reading and thinking.  During math, we learned a new center called "Which One Does Not Belong & Why?"  In this activity, the students look at 4 objects and decide which one does not fit in the "set".  There is no correct answer, but they have to justify their thinking with a "because".  This allows children to compare characteristics of objects (including numbers) and use rich language to explain their thinking.  It's also fun and something you could do at home with any objects.

The last day to order books for this month is TOMORROW September 20th.

Please return library books.

Please return all forms ASAP.

I hope you all enjoyed the pictures yesterday!  Have a beautiful sunny afternoon and I'll see you all tomorrow!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Wednesday September 18 - Many Pictures!

Our Special Person today was Cooper!  He told us a wonderful story about camping near a creek.  Thanks Cooper!

 Some "snapshots" of our day at school!  Enjoy the pictures!  Ask your child to tell you what is happening in the pictures...I've been taking them since the first day of school, so there are quite alot!

See you tomorrow!