Friday, September 30, 2016

Friday September 30

Hi everyone!
Today the Special person was Rory - who told us a story about visiting a family cabin in Alaska!  That is where her mom grew up!

Here are some ideas from the learners this week:
"I liked meeting Mrs. Beach." Miki
"I liked math because it is fun for me to read and learn." Olivia
"I liked Mrs. Beach's art project because we got to color with glue." Rory
"I like the drawing pokemon books because my drawings help him learn." Juliet
"I like the math spiral because I can record my ideas." Arron
"I like this class because we get along together." Jake
"I like the chapter books because they are long and interesting ." Emma
"I like the math art project about measuring." Caragh
"I liked the pokemon drawing books because I get to make something for Ms. Robb." Emma
"I liked the inch by inch math because we got to make a line plot." Jude
"I like chapter books because they hope me read." Vivian
"I like Charlie because he my friend  and he is kind." Milo
"I like when we do measuring during math because it is fun." Willow

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Thursday September 29

Today the Special person was Jake who told us about dancing at a wedding!
Wednesday the special person was Arron - who told us about going backpacking and catching tadpoles!
On Tuesday - Julia told us about visiting Black Butte and swimming everyday!!

We had another busy day reading, writing, thinking, speaking, listening, viewing and calculating!  Here are some pictures of the day!  See you tomorrow...

Today we created a grassy field - tomorrow we will measure the grass and create a line plot from the data we collect!

Monday, September 26, 2016

Monday September 26

Hello everyone!

Today the Special Person was Mikey and he told a story about seeing a seal at the beach - that's amazing!

Every day in second grade is busy - take a look at some of the things we did together today:

Our Monday morning begins with Art (thank you volunteers) - today we represented warm and cool colors through our art.

After lunch, story and quiet reading, we used the inchworm rulers we made to measure various objects around the room:

We are enjoying learning more about each other - and this fantastic weather!  See you tomorrow!

Friday, September 23, 2016


Special Person today was Olivia - she told us a story about going fishing on a camping trip - she even got to eat the fish her family caught!

Here are some ideas from this week.

"I liked making the ruler." Miki
"I liked the house art project." Caragh
"I like that at every recess I have someone to play with." Juliet & Charlie
"The pictures on the door." Vivian
"I like the pokemon drawing books" Emma
"I like the self portraits." Rory
"I like special person because everyone gets to tell a story." Emma

Thanks everyone - have a wonderful weekend - see you Monday!

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Thursday September 22

Hi everyone!  Welcome to the first day of fall!

This week, our Monday Special Person was Corinne - she told us story about visiting the beach and playing in the ocean with her family.  On Tuesday, Jinju told us about a time where she rode the Ferris Wheel with her mom - and it went very high!

Yesterday was Luke's birthday, and he was the Special Person!  He told use about an amazing trip to Australia - and how he got to hold a baby alligator!!

Today the Special Person is Vivian - she got to ride on her grandpa's speed boat on a visit to Arizona.

The students have such amazing stories to tell - and each day your child writes a story about a similar experience that we put into a book for the special person.   We are learning about how much we have in common AND discovering many personal narrative topics of writing.

In math, we continue to explore units of measurement.  Today the young mathematicians created a giant foot (otherwise known as a yard) to measure large distances.  Ask them about something they have measured with their giant feet!
Here are a few pictures of them hard at work.

Check in tomorrow for more fun ideas from the learners~

Friday, September 16, 2016

Friday September 16

The month is half over and we have spent 14 days of school together!  The time is flying and we are settling into a nice routine.

Today the Special person was Charlie, who told us a story about visiting a waterfall while on a hike.  This was a great topic, and many students had ideas about their visits to a waterfall.

We finished up our first week of literacy centers and small group reading instruction.  Your child will be bringing home the work they did independently while their classmates were working with me.  A big thanks to the parent volunteers who help make this time run so smoothly.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Thursday September 15

Hi everyone!
This week we have learned even more about the students in room 13.

Monday, Emma L. was special person - she told us about her favorite ride at Oak's Park - The Screamin' Eagle!
Tuesday, Jake told us about being pulled on an inner tube behind his grandparents speed boat!  WOW!
Wednesday we learned that Milo's favorite ride at Disneyland is California Screamin'
Today, Cyan told us about going roller skating with his family!

We began literacy centers this week.  Thanks to all of the wonderful folks who volunteered to help during literacy time - you have been fantastic!  Your children are settling into the routine of literacy time very well.

In math, we began using math spiral notebooks to record our thinking during Number Corner. This time gives us an opportunity to explore numbers in many ways, such as understanding the number 15 as money, time, or as a rectangle.  The students also worked through the first set of Math Workplaces for the year and should be bringing that work home today.

See you tomorrow!

Friday, September 9, 2016

Friday Field Day

Hello everyone!
Today the Special Person was Admiral - he told us a story about visiting Great Wolf Lodge and getting totally soaked under a water bucket!  Great story!

Field Day was a blast!  I didn't get many pictures because the kids were running around too much!  Here are a few....

Here are few ideas from the kids about this week!
"I liked the all about me flip books this week." Caragh
"I liked that every time I go on the playground someone plays with me." Juliet
"I liked having iPads." Jake
"I like all of the books in the room." Emma
"I like math workplaces." Miki
"I liked reading," Vivian
"I liked the accordion books." Julia
"I like all of the art supplies." Willow
"I like the accordion books." Luke
"Math!" Charlie
"I like special person time." Jude
" I like special person because we get to write." Rory
"I like all of the books because they are fun to read." Olivia

It was a beautiful day!  Have a great weekend and see you Monday!

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Thursday September 8

Hi everyone!
Yesterday the Special Person was Caragh who too due about whale watching off the Oregon Coast - sounds amazing!  Today the Special Person was Willow and she told us a story about visiting Seattle for her mother's birthday - and going up the Space Needle.  What a fun trip Willow!

Looking forward to seeing you all tonight!

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Tuesday September 6

Hi Everyone!

Today the Special Person was Miki and she told us about her trip white water rafting over the Labor Day weekend.  She got splashed in the rapids - sounds like fun!

We began our week learning a story and poem together, and learning more about growing patterns in math.  Ask your child to tell you the story of Hero Cat.  We also enjoyed PE and Library time today.  See you tomorrow!

Friday, September 2, 2016

Friday September 2

Today our special person was Katherine who told us a story about going swimming at her grandparents house in Florida - oh, and it was also her birthday!  Happy birthday Katherine.

Here are some ideas from the learners this week:
"I really liked all of the books in the classroom." Jake & Nicolas
"I like the math books." Emma & Arron & Admiral
"I liked the iPads." Milo
"I liked making friends" Charlie
"I liked all of the art projects." Juliet
"I liked the books with CD's" Luke
"I like the fairy books." Vivian
"Olivia was kind because she found a Pokemon books and she shared it with me!" Emma
"I liked the iPad"  Oliva
"I liked all of the art" Willow
"I liked Number Corner." Jude
"I like all of the kind people in the room." Miki
"I liked the Special Person writing." Caragh

Have a great long weekend!

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Happy First week of school!

Hi everyone!
 We have had a great first 4 days together.  Yesterday we began a time called Special Person.  Each day we will randomly choose one person to tell us a story about something they have done with their family.  Then we write stories on the same topic and make the Special Person a book of stories.

Yesterday, the Special Person was Juliet who told us about visiting Rio to see her cousin playing with the women's water polo team at the Olympics - they won gold!

Today, the Special person was Emma P. - she told us a story about watching a movie this summer with her family - such fun!

Thank you all of the kind words and support this week - your children are kind, sweet and hardworking - we are off to a great year!  Check out the pictures below to see some of what we have been busy working on this week!

We love the new playground equipment!!