Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Wednesday April 30

Happy last day of April!

Today we kept busy learning more about adding and subtracting numbers to 100, reading and answering questions about non-fiction text, and working on individual projects about the grasslands of the world.  Friday we will explain our projects to each other and post pictures of our designs...stay tuned!

Thanks for those who have gotten back to me regarding driving or helping during our upcoming field trips...we can still use more helpers, so let me know if you are available!

Have fun in the sun!

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Tuesday April 29

Hi!  We forgot to wish Evalyn a HAPPY BIRTHDAY here on the blog!  So....Happy Birthday (belated) Evalyn!

Ideas from the students today:
"I enjoyed learning more about the grasslands of the world." Matthew and many others

"Reading about Prairie Dogs during literacy time was interesting." Thomas

"I liked learning more about real cowboys during literacy time." Alex

"Hensley helped me research more information about grey squirrels on the iPad." Evalyn

"I enjoyed helping Alex with subtraction strategies during math," Matthew

"I liked writing because I am making progress in my animal research book."Norah

"I enjoyed researching information about giraffes."  Hensley

This week we will be creating projects involving reading and writing about the world's grasslands.
Stay tuned for project pictures...

Friday, April 25, 2014

Friday April 25

Happy Birthday Kali!

Today we displayed and explained our polar habitat projects to our fellow biologists.  Here are the pictures of all of the projects.  Some of the projects will come home, and some will remain here at school on display- the students chose which went home and which stayed here on display.  We will work on projects related to one ecosystem each week for the next 7 weeks.  Thank you so much for all of the recyclables you have donated to the room.  Keep it up! 
Enjoy the pictures and have a great weekend!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Thursday April 24


One of the science curricula designed for second grade is a study of habitats.  We will be exploring seven major earth biomes during the next seven weeks.  The students will create their own projects to demonstrate what they have learned about the biome.  We will be posting pictures (and maybe video) of their projects. Check in often!

Animal Reports:

During the same time period, we will be embarking on research for individual animal reports.  Feel free to help your child research information at the public library and the internet, but we will be completing the writing here at school.  The end result should be a multiple paragraph report- and an animal expert!

Thoughts from the students today:

"The musical game in music class today was great!" Norah and others...

"I liked math because Miles and I played Hawaiian Dream Vacation" Layton

"I really liked making a poster about leopard seals with Hensley" Evalyn

" I enjoyed making a polar bear box science project." Roxana

"It was fun to make the characters for Beckett's Arctic game." Cooper

"Parker and I liked making a story book about polar bears together" Alex

"I enjoyed making a poster about sled dogs with Drew because he is a very good artist." Matthew

"It was fun making a North Pole project about Arctic Hares with Sam and Jasper." Ezra

"I really liked writing and designing a project about Emperor Penguins." Cassidy

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Tuesday April 22- Happy Earth Day

Today we talked about our next big unit of study:  habitats.  We will spend the rest of the school year "circling the globe" to learn more about the plants, animals, and environments in different earth biomes.  At the same time, each student will research and write a report about an animal of their choosing!  You can help by helping your child research ideas about their animal.  Printing articles and bringing them to school will help with the research process.

The students seem pretty excited for our adventure to begin- I wish we had a Magic School Bus to transport us to these different places, but we will settle for books and videos.  :)

See you tomorrow!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Monday April 21- Weather Workshop Pictures!

Hi everyone!  Today we hosted one fifth grade, two fourth grade, one third grade and two kindergarten classes as well as many parents during our weather workshop.  We explained and demonstrated our projects for an hour!  I hope everyone enjoyed all of the learning- great job second graders!