Thursday, January 30, 2014

Thursday January 30

Today we worked on the idea of foods having more than one food group- for example, pizza.  Then we broke down the foods into their ingredients to find out how many food groups were in each food.  We have a class full of nutritionists!

Here are some thoughts from the students about today:

"I liked playing kickball outside with Drew because he makes me laugh." Alex
"The Jefferson Dancers were nice!" Olivia/Miles and others
"Kali and Lola were nice to me during a game on the playground."Cassidy
"I liked sharing the iPad with Alex because we used the tornado app together and it was really interesting and fun!" Anders
"I enjoyed it when Lola read a book to me." Kali
"I liked reading my book with Alex." Matthew
"I am enjoying reading the Blue Moose because I can see the solution to the question." Miles

Be well!  Happy Chinese New Year!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Tuesday January 28th- Many Pictures

It has been quite a few days since the last post due to the long weekend and being gone. 
Today we jumped right into learning more about food during our study of the fruit group.  We made homemade applesauce today!  The students helped turn the handle on the apple peeler/corer.  We added apples, cinnamon, and some sugar and let the apples cook!

Just starting the four hour cooking!  

One hour to go!

Yum Yum

Finally, applesauce!  We wish you could smell the delightful aroma of cooking apples and cinnamon!

Here are some ideas from the students today:

"I liked turning the handle on the apple peeler!" Matthew, Alex, Ryder and others...
"Watching the apples cook was cool!" Cassidy
"Getting to work with Evalyn to research the fruit group was fun!" Norah
"We learned that the vitamins in fruit help our bodies in many ways." Anders
" I enjoyed learning to kick a ball really high without a drop-kick." Miles
"I liked the story 'The Little Red Hen'." Jasper
"The applesauce was much better than store bought because it was warm!" Anders

Thanks for helping...tomorrow we will write about how to make applesauce!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Thursday January 23

This has been a very busy week - sorry this has been the first post of the week.

When asked what the best thing about today was, the overwhelming answer was our field trip to Franz Bakery.  I agree...this was a nice experience to enhance our learning about food and nutrition.  Last week we spent several days learning more about grains and breads from around the world.  Talk to your child about a type of bread that is special to you!

Here are some pictures from our fun day.  Thanks again to all of the parents who helped out - the bread was delicious!  No pictures from the factory floor- you will have to remember that part of the day from the pictures in your head!

I am gone tomorrow and there is no school Monday- see you Tuesday!

Friday, January 17, 2014

Friday January 17

Hello again!

Today was another busy day reading, writing, speaking, and calculating.  This afternoon, we researched books about break and grains and created a poster from the information.  Ask your child about the importance of the grain group!
The book order will arrive no later than Tuesday next week.

Next week:
Monday:  No School
Wednesday:  Late Opening
Thursday: 12:00 Field Trip

It is quite a busy week!  Have a wonderful three day weekend!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Thursday January 16

During math today, the students had to discover the area of a shape using different size units.  They used triangles, rhombus and trapaziods to fill the space and found each one revealed a different answer.
We learned more about bread and the many different kinds made in different parts of the world- as well as our own favorites!

Here are some ideas from today:
"I liked how Kali and Lola played with me at recess." Cassidy
"It was nice when Norah gave me a picture she drew." Evalyn
"I enjoyed drawing with Ryder." Anders
"The video about bread was interesting." Alex
"I enjoyed finishing and publishing my story today." Alex
" It was interesting to find out what other people can do when we made our "how to"list." Layton

Homework and library books tomorrow !  See you then!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Wednesday, January 15

Hi everyone!

Our day began with independent literacy activities.  This week, the students are reading and writing about George Washington Carver, reading non-fiction about where food comes from, and retelling the story of Stone Soup. 
During math, we are working with the concept of 1/2 of a unit when calculating the area of a shape- in this case, the unit is a square, and 1/2 is a triangle.
 During writing, we began to identify the features of print in "How To" books, such as pictures, supplies, and numbered instructions.
Finally, we experienced our first parent-led art lesson of the year.  Thanks to Sitra, Dawn, Jean, Sharon, and Allison and to everyone who has committed to help in the coming weeks!

Wednesday is the day that I rush off to class at University of Portland since the term is beginning again.  Thank you for all of your support for all of the learning we are doing each day!

Please bring permission slips if you have not..see you tomorrow!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Tuesday January 14

Hi everyone!

You may have heard by now that we are studying food and nutrition for the next few weeks.  Yesterday we made peanut butter from peanuts as we learned more about the protein group, which some kids really liked, others thought it was so-so. 

Today we joined with Teacher Julie's class to make and try homemade salsa!  We mixed up the tomatoes, pepper, onion, cilantro, and salt to create a wonderful salsa.  We learned a little more about tomatoes (vegetable or fruit? you decide) and about how important vegetables are for our bodies.  Most of the students gave the salsa a try with some yummy corn chips- what a great snack!

Here are their ideas from our adventures today:

" I liked visiting Julie's room, eating chips, and holding the turtle." Olivia
"Zoe helped me find paper in Julie's room." Norah
"Summer showed me where things were during choice time in Teacher Julie's room." Hensley
"I liked reading a book with Alex and Ryder during quiet reading time." Matthew
"I liked making a poster in Julie's room." Roxana
"Holding the turtle was fun." Lola
"Olivia's sister taught me how to hold the turtle." Cassidy
"It was nice when Cassidy showed me how to hold the turtle." Kali

It was a fun day...tomorrow is our first day of parent led art-  see you tomorrow!

Friday, January 10, 2014

Friday January 10

Hi everyone!  Remember, the last day to order books is Saturday!  I will enter the book orders Saturday night.

Please sign your permission slip if you have not already done so.
 We need drivers for this trip.

We spent time learning more about shapes during math, reading and writing and sharing our stories, and learning what is in dairy foods that make them an important part of our diet.

We have been washing our hands and tables and remembering to cough and sneeze into our elbows. 
I hope your family stays healthy this weekend and beyond.  Keep me posted if your child is absent due to illness.

Have a great weekend and I'll see you Monday!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Thursday January 9

Hello everyone!
Remember, tomorrow turn in library books and homework
Ideas from the students:
" It was nice when Copper taught Matthew and I how to make paper boats like Curious George." Alex
"It was nice of Roxana to draw pictures for me!" Norah
"I learned alot from the Documentary Moo to You that we watched." Miles & others
"Playing drums during music was great!  "  Sam
"I really enjoyed the book I read during literacy centers about dog breeds." Jasper
"I liked using the iPad." Dah
"I enjoyed showing my poster of the Polydron Family Tree to the class." Layton
"I liked writing because Evalyn helped me with ideas." Hensley
"I liked making the cartoon strip of the dairy farm and how milk gets to the store." Cassidy

See you tomorrow!

Here is a picture Ezra sent from Hawaii!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Wednesday January 8

Hi everyone!  Welcome to Roxana, a new student to our classroom!

Your children are bringing home field trip permission slips today for a visit to Franz Bakery later this month.  The field trip is free, but we do need drivers!

Please consider volunteering for the Duniway Art program. 

Today we were busy learning more about shapes during math, writing our own stories, reading books we enjoy, and finding out more about food and nutrition.  We will be concentrating on food science for the next 5-6 weeks.  If any of you are experts on something food related (for example, cooking something with children) and want to share your ideas with the class, send me and email!

Ideas from the students:

"I want to compliment Norah and Lauren for being extra helpful showing our new student all about our class and school." Mrs. Robb

"I liked getting the know Roxanna." Norah
"I liked the food group Reader's Theater we did during class." Layton
"I really like trying designs with the Wegits" Miles
"I liked playing Last Shape Wins during math." Beckett
"I liked math the best because I played Faces of Mystery" Cassidy

That's all for now...tomorrow...the milk group!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

January 7th 2014- Happy New Year!

Welcome to the first post of the new year!  Here is some news:

1.  Cold & Flu season is upon us.  During break (on the 23rd), I had my third bout of strep throat since November and fourth set of antibiotics.  We all need to stay healthy.  I've reminded everyone to wash their hands as much as they can, cover their mouths when they cough or sneeze, and please stay home if they feel sick.  We are also wiping surfaces with Clorox wipes every day as well.

2.  Book order forms went home today.  Please order by Friday, January 10th!

3. Back in September, I wrote a grant through to receive 2 more iPads for the classroom. The grant runs out on January 20th.  At that time, the funds will be distributed to other need grants.  PLEASE PLEASE- send/post a link to this page to family and friends.  We only have $340 left to raise, and this is a great, tax-deductible way for extended family to support your child.

Donors Choose- iPad grant

Ideas from the students today:

"I liked how at recess Lola was nice to me." Norah
"I had fun reading James and the Giant Peach picture book." Cassidy
"I liked reading the story I Will Never, Not Ever Eat a Tomato." Jasper
"I've been reading the Magic Tree House books, but I had to skip one because I could not find it.  Today, I found the exact one I had missed in the class book bucket! I'm excited to read it!" Layton
"I enjoyed writing today because I wrote a whole story about my dad!" Beckett

I hope you all had a fun day full of learning!  See you tomorrow...