Friday, September 28, 2012

September 28 Happy Open House!

Hello all!

Lainey was our Special Person today!  She told us a story about riding the Tower of Terror at Disneyland.  Truth be told, I love that ride too...but I can't ride it more than once a day or it turns my stomach! 

Our little Open House time had a huge turnout.  I hope you all enjoyed taking a closer look around as your child "showed you the ropes".  Thanks for coming!

"Lainey was quiet so I could get my work done." Savannah
"Hayden read a book with me." Seth
"I couldn't find the book I wanted, so Seth and Cole helped me find it." Evan

Grace and others love the new Race to 100 game.  This is a fun, easy game where students role two numeral dice and have to quickly add the digits together and move that many spaces.  This is a fun way to practice addition facts!  When the addition facts become quick and automatic, they can add a third die for more of a challenge!

Your child brought home some independent literacy work today.  Four days a week our class has a literacy hour where I am bringing small groups of students to my table for individualized reading instruction.  This way, all the students are learning reading at their level and pace in a small group setting.  While they are NOT with me, they are expected to engage in meaningful literacy activities that include reading, writing and thinking.  This work is on open ended forms that allow each student to approach the task at their ability level.  I expect this independent work to be completed at each students' personal best.  Both you as a parent and I as the teacher can see how your child tackles this independent work time as reflected in their work. 

Thanks for all the support and for visiting today!  Have a wonderful sunny weekend!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

September 27

Special Person Today was Aoife and she told us a story about visiting Ireland.  I'm impressed...I have to admit, I don't even have a passport!  Amazing world travelers!

"At math centers, Savannah gave up a spot at a game for me." Hannah
"Della let me spin when we were playing a math game." Kora
"I really wanted a book that Seth had, so when he was finished, he gave it to me!" Evan
"While we were playing 'Count and Compare Two's', Hayden was really nice to me" Seth

Hayden told us that he enjoyed math today!

Homework is due tomorrow.  Please give it to me as you walk in the door.
Library books due tomorrow.
Open House tomorrow at 2:30! 
Have a nice day!  :)

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

September 26

Hi Everyone!

Today our Special Person was Hannah!  She told us a story about her mom surprising her with a new kitten.  So sweet...I love kittens!

This week I have been sharing stories about cats and kittens.  I hope the students have been enjoying them!

During math we learned a new game called "An Hour or Bust!".  This gives the kids practice using a face clock.  Being able to read a face clock and understand elapsed time are important Mathematics Common Core State Standards for second grade.  This also happens to be a math topic you can practice together at home!  If you do not have a face clock at home, think about getting one and using it together.

"Teddy was very kind when he shared the ball at recess." Ms. Julie
"I noticed Hannah and Riley helping Teddy clean up a math game." Mrs. Robb
"Thanks to Seth for letting me have the book "A Kitten Called Moonlight" after he had finished reading it" Catalina
Both Cole and Seth were very kind and shared books with each other during quiet reading.

Just a Reminder...
If you are able to visit with us at 2:30 on Friday, please let me know if you choose to leave before 3:00.  If you choose to leave before 3:00, you have to sign out with your child in the office before leaving the building (district safety rule).  Thanks!

Have a great day!  Thanks for reading!  :)

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

September 25- With Weekly Academic Schedule

Hello Everyone!

Today Catalina was our special person!  She told us a story about climbing a rock wall with her family.  Great story! 
During special person, I demonstrate writing interactively with the students.  Part of their job as learners is to look at the words being written, and choose at least one to either
1. practice reading while they watch the writing, or
2.  learn to spell while they watch the writing.
All students should be taking personal responsibility for learning during this time.

The kids wanted to let you know that this is the first school day of the month, 9/25, when we build an array that was a square, with the same number of tiles on all sides.  We build arrays for each day of the month.  Here is an example of what we built today:

Lainey enjoyed making creations and designing during choice time.

"Madeline taught me how to make folded kitty faces." Riley
"I liked when Ava reminded me how to make a paper fortune teller during choice time." Sami

Here is the basic schedule for the class.  This is subject to change, but most days is pretty consistent.



Morning Routine

Morning Routine

Morning Routine

Morning Routine

Morning Routine

Literature Integrated Art Instruction

Literacy Block-
Differentiated Reading Instruction
Literacy Block-Differentiated Reading Instruction
Literacy Block- Differentiated Reading Instruction
Literacy Block- Differentiated Reading Instruction
Recess Break
Recess Break
Recess Break
Recess Break
Recess Break
Interactive Read Aloud and Poem of the week
Integrated Content Instruction-Language development/Reading & Writing Science/Social Studies
Integrated Content Instruction-Language development/Reading & Writing Science/Social Studies

Integrated Content Instruction-Language development/Reading & Writing Science/Social Studies
Integrated Content Instruction-Language development/Reading & Writing Science/Social Studies
Writer’s Workshop
Writer’s Workshop
Writer’s Workshop

Writer’s Workshop
Writer’s Workshop
Lunch & Recess
Lunch & Recess
Lunch & Recess
Lunch & Recess
Lunch & Recess


Read Aloud
Independent Reading
Read Aloud
Independent Reading
Read Aloud
Independent Reading
Read Aloud
Independent Reading
Read Aloud
Independent Reading


Number Corner
Number Corner
Number Corner
Number Corner
12:50-2:00 NC/ Math

2:00-2:30 Library

End of Day Routines/update class news blog
End of Day Routines/update class news blog
End of Day Routines/update class news blog
End of Day Routines/ update class news blog

2:30-2:50 Choice time

2:50-3:00 End of Day Routine

As you can see, we keep pretty busy!  The Integrated Content block will be full of reading and writing as we study science and social studies concepts.

That's all for today.  :)  Robb

Monday, September 24, 2012

September 24

Hi everyone!  I hope you had a lovely weekend!

Today our Special Person was Sami.  He told us a story about skim boarding on the sand at the beach with his family.  Wow! What an interesting sport.

"Cole is always a great example to others in line." Mrs. Robb
"When I was editing my story today with Mrs. Robb, nobody laughed at my work." Evan
"When we were playing a math game, Hayden let me spin." Della
"When me and Kora were playing a math game, she was nice when I won." Savannah

Homework went home today.  Please complete the attached math work.  This "Home Connection" directly supports the work we do in math during the school day.  Thanks!

I am trying to get some pictures up when I can.  Here is a picture of our little room on the first day of school before the kids arrived.  I love the big windows and beautiful trees.

Have a wonderful day!  See you tomorrow!

Friday, September 21, 2012

September 21

Hi everyone!

Teddy was our Special Person.  He told us a story about going to Toy's R' Us with his family and getting a GINORMOUS Transformer!  Cool!

"When nobody would play with me, Ava did." Riley
"Savannah was nice and moved so I could play with someone when I asked." Lainey
"In library we heard a story called  'Walter the Farting Dog'.  It was funny!  " Ava & the class.

You are all invited to our own Open House!  Please visit our room on Friday, September 28 from 2:30-3:00.  Stop by the office and check in first with a name tag. Come and see the room, your child's projects, check out their favorite part of the room.  Our room parent Nicole will be sending a more detailed email, but save the date!  :)

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

September 20

Happy Thursday!

Today Ava was our Special Person and she told us about visiting her grandparents in Carmel...thanks Ava!  When we write our stories for the Special Person, we are working on adding the word "because" to our sentences.  Using the word "because" in a sentence tell the reader "why", which makes the sentences more interesting and informational.

We explored multiples of two during math.

"Bailey told Teddy that his drawing was good." Mrs Robb
"When I asked Katie to play a math game with me, she said yes!" Riley

A reminder:

Please bring your homework tomorrow!  Thanks

Audrey 2:
Grace brought in a HUGE sunflower to show the class...AMAZING!  What are you feeding your flowers? 
Here's a picture... bonus points for the theater buffs who understand the reference to Audrey 2!
Have a great day!  :)

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

September 19

We had a short day today but we had lots of learning going on!

Calvin was our special person today and he told us a story about going biking in Sun River...thanks Calvin!

Today we practiced our literacy work places and worked in our Number Corner books for the first time.


"Evan said 'good job' during our basketball game and Hayden made me a fortune teller." Calvin
"Ava helped me count the coin collections on the game we were playing during math."Riley
"Aoife helped too!"
"When Hannah was winning a game, she was nice to me." Aoife

Such a lovely, helpful group of students.  We work everyday to "treat others the way we want to be treated".

HELP!!!  Do you have 10 minutes tomorrow morning?  Are you handy with a pair of pliers?  I need your help!  The wire I'm using to hang up our Special Person posters has come loose and is dangling dangerously low.  Can you help me get it back up?  Show up with your pliers in hand tomorrow at 8:45 if you can help...thanks!

Great day...see you tomorrow!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

September 18

Today Zac was our Special Person.  He told us a story about going biking when he visited Sun River with his family.  Sounds beautiful!

I wrote that this week's homework was due the 28th...nope!  Turn it in THIS Friday...thanks!

What we did today:

We started our literacy block today.  During this hour, the student alternate between working independently on various literacy activities and meeting with me.  When they meet with me, they receive reading instruction at their level in small groups.  This is really the time that I get to know your child as a reader when they read with me and receive individualized attention. 

"Today we worked on more Growing Patterns in math" Grace


"I like that Katie played Guess Who with me when I asked." Madeline
"I like that Grace made me a teeny tiny fortune teller during choice time." Lainey
"When I was telling Mrs. Robb about something, she listened to every word I said." Savannah

Thanks Savannah...
Have a great day everyone!

Monday, September 17, 2012

September 17

Today Savannah was our Special Person.  She told us a story about visiting her Grandma in Hawaii!  Fun!

What we did today:

"We had Choosing Time.  I designed with Zoobs." Teddy
"We learned a new poem "We're Telling the Teacher On You." Peter and the class...
" I love getting the new homework!" Grace

"Katie helped me spell words during writing." Riley
"Aoife helped me play Race to 50¢ during math." Lainey
" Peter helped me design a fortune teller.  Also, I am glad my Dad is coming home after a long trip." Evan

Be on the lookout for homework today.  There is an explanation letter that went home as well.
Scholastic Book order went home today.  This is completely voluntary, but if you want to order, the last day is Friday the 28th.  If you order on-line, there is a bonus coupon for you!

Have a great Monday!

Friday, September 14, 2012

September 14

Fun Friday!

Peter was our Special Person today.  He told us a great story about wading in the Columbia River this summer on a "scorching hot day."  Fun!

We had a fun Field Day Friday!  What a great turnout at for the Field Day activities.  The kids were nice and worn out afterward.  :)  The kids all agreed:  "Field Day was awesome!"

"Peter, Katie, and Ava helped us make paper fortunes." Calvin & the rest of the class!

Just so you know...
I am enjoying watching all of the students helping each other.  We are much like a little family here in room 13, and we should be helping each other become better people though our kind words and deeds.

We have been working on using "smaller voices" in the classroom.  I describe the sound of a voice like a "talking bubble"- much like in a comic strip. Check out this Calvin and Hobbs

The sound of your voice in the classroom should only reach as far as the ear of the person next to you.  When our talking bubbles get to loud, they cover the sounds of other talking bubbles, and then all the sounds get louder.  The talking bubble can also cover up the ideas you are thinking in your head, which means you cannot think or learn.  At school and home, we never want to be the person who stops someone from thinking and learning.  This is why we practice having a small voice at school.

One more thing:

Ask your student what color they think the apple on the calendar will be on Monday!

On a personal note:

 These sunny days in September feel like gift.  I will be enjoying the simple things this weekend- snuggling my baby boy and hubby, picking tomatoes and strawberries from our garden, attending church on Sunday.  I wish you all a wonderful, peaceful weekend. See you Monday!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

September 13


Today our Special Person was Grace!  She told us a story about visiting Seattle to see the King Tut exhibit.  Great!  (I think the kids in room 13 have more exciting lives than I do!  They certainly visit more places...good for you guys!)

What we did today:
"I liked being Special Person!" Grace
"We have a new math planner." Bailey

"Ava made me a paper fortune teller during choice time." Savannah & Grace
"Ave showed other students how to play the new "Beetle Glyph Match Game" Mrs. Robb
"Hayden cleaned up the cubes at math even though he did not get them out."  Mrs. Robb
"Everyone I showed respected what I made during choice time. Nobody tried to break it." Evan

that's all for today!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

September 12


Hayden was our Special Person today.  He told us a story about the Disney Cruise his family took to Alaska.

We have a solar powered spinning crystal on our window in the classroom.  It creates rainbows when the sunlight hits the crystal.  Ask your child about the "magic hour".

"Peter made me a crane."Sami
"Bailey helped me spell chocolate." Colin
"Calvin did a nice job helping other kids today." Mrs. Robb
"When I was playing Achi, Madeline helped me out." Aoife

Hannah enjoyed morning work.  Grace like the growing patterns during math.  Ask your child about the last pattern we discovered...

Does anyone have clean yogurt cups or plastic butter tubs?  I need a way to hold paint while the students work...I need at least 12...if you have some, please bring them over the next few days.  I need as many as possible by Monday. 

Tomorrow is picture day!


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

September 11

Hello Families!

William was our Special Person today.  He told us a story about riding a gondola in!  Sounds like a great time. 

Thoughts from today:

"I loved the story Hero Cat" Riley
"We loved the Circle Game!" Most of the class
"I liked sorting the beetle glyphs by attributes."  Lainey
"Thank you for reading us the book Arrow to the Sun." Catalina

Thank you to all of the students who are working hard, following instructions, and learning each day.  Keep up the great work!

:) Robb

Monday, September 10, 2012

September 10

Hello all!

Our Special Person today was Katie.  She told us a story about going camping with her family near the beach.  Thanks Katie!  I am choosing Special Person at random every day by pulling a name stick- so each day is a surprise! 

What we liked or did at school:

"We made our houses and the people in our family for art." Grace

"We made beetle Glyphs during math" William


"When I was playing Achi with Cole, he was winning most of the time.  When I won, he said" great job.  It was really nice of him to do that." Evan

"Ava lent me her coat at recess because I was cold." Savannah

School Pictures Thursday the 13th in the afternoon
Field Day Friday from 10-11- Wear comfortable clothes, running shoes and sunscreen!

Friday, September 7, 2012

September 7

Well, we finished our first week!  Good for you second graders!

Madeline was our Special Person and she told us a story about visiting Great Wolf Lodge.

What we liked today:

"I enjoyed Number Corner"-Peter
"I liked playing checkers with Grace." Ava
"I enjoyed the name art project!" Ava, Sami, Catalina, Calvin, Madeline...and many more!


"It was nice of Cole to let me use the CD player after he had finished his book." Madeline
"Peter helped me learn origami!" Sami

To all children, a big compliment for being kind and patient as I sneezed my way through a box of tissues!  I have not had a cold for years and I promise to stay home and get better this weekend...I'll be napping with my baby!  :)

New news:
All students brought home a yellow "take home" folder today.  This folder needs to "live" in the backpack and come to school everyday for take home papers.  Thanks.

Have a wonderful weekend!
PS- ask your child what they think the calendar pattern will be on Monday...

Thursday, September 6, 2012

September 6

Day 2 went very well!  
We began a daily routine called Special Person.  Each day, a new student will be chosen at random to tell us a story about their family.  That story is written on a large poster and then hung in the classroom.  Come in an take a look when you drop off in the morning.  The Special Person also gets to be the line leader and do other special jobs during the day.

Today Bailey was our Special Person.  We decided he could be Special Person because today is his birthday!  Happy Birthday Bailey!

What we liked today:
"Quiet Reading"- Ava
"GeoBlocks during math was fun!" Sami
"Choosing time!" Catalina

Thanks to your classroom contributions, the children have much more "choice" during choice time.  If you happen to have a game or activity that your child has outgrown a home that you would like to donate to the room, that would be great!

"Sami helped me build a giant tower with GeoBlocks!" Bailey
"Della listened when I talked." Savannah

I enjoyed hearing  Catalina recommend a book from our library to a lovely!  Just what a good friend would do!

Just a reminder:
Monday & Wednesday 2:20-3:00 Music
Tuesday & Thursday 2:20-3:00 PE
Friday 1:25-1:55 Library

:) Mrs. Robb

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

September 5 First Day of School

We had a busy day of firsts in second grade.  I asked the kids what they enjoyed the most:

"Recess!" - Bailey
"Getting to see friends"- Hannah
"Math was fun"- Peter

And a few compliments:
"When I was reading a book with Cora, she helped me with the words I didn't know" -Lainey
Thank you Cora!  I can already tell that we are going to be kind helpers in this classroom as we learn from each other.
 I want to say thank you to Calvin for being such a great example during quiet reading. 

News :
1.  Please turn in your registration packet information as soon as possible.
2.  If you have not turned in your $20 materials fee, it would be greatly appreciated.
3. Picture day for room 13 is Thursday, September 13.  I'll get paperwork to your regarding picture day as soon I see it!
4.  Field Day is Friday, September 14 from 10:00-11:00.  I think there is a sign up sheet in the office if you want to volunteer.

Thank you for all the support and kind words of welcome.  I feel embraced by this community and am enjoying getting to know your children.
See you tomorrow!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Welcome to the 2012 school year!

I'm looking forward to a wonderful year with the students of room 13.  We will try to post the news of room 13 everyday to celebrate the joy and successes we share at school together.
See you soon!