Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Tuesday May 13

Today we discovered that 13 was a prime number because when we have 13 squares, we can only make one rectangle out of the squares (1x13).  For each day this month we are determining whether a number is prime or composite based upon making rectangles from the smaller squares.  Yesterday the number 12 provided three different rectangles (1x12) (2x6) (3x4).

"Playing the "circle game" during math is really fun." Norah
"I really like solving story problems on the white boards." Miles

We began developing our own projects today to show our understanding of the temperate forest biome AND add to that knowledge as we work together.

"I really like making projects about habitats." Alex and many others
"It was really nice of Lola to suggest making a project together" Cassidy
"I was happy when Kali and Evalyn let me join them in making a project." Hensley
"Sophia and I are creating a great project together." Roxana

We are also continuing writing our animal reports.  Please look at the homework this week- there is a description of possible animal projects to complete to compliment the report.

"I enjoyed writing about the Orca whale because I keep finishing new sections!"  Matthew

Here are some picture of our busy project work!  See you tomorrow for our FIELD TRIP!

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