Friday, October 17, 2014

Friday October 17

This week we began our science unit about ANTS!!!  Today we researched information about anthills, the created a poster with the information.  Then we labeled an anthill with the important chambers.  Oh yeah, we also unveiled the ANT FARM!!!
Here are some pictures of our ant study from today:

Here are some ideas from the students about their week:
"I liked quiet reading because I like all of the books." Ayana
"I like the anthill!!" Jackson, Sydney, and many more.
"I like helping Mrs. Robb with jobs around the classroom." Mia
"This week we had the last Special Person." Owen
"Learning about ants is cool." Thomas & Kaden
"Late opening is nice because I went out to breakfast with my family." Audrey
"I like library time." Brooke
"Math is fun" Cash
"Getting new folders for science was nice." Finn
"Literacy centers are great because there are so many things to do." Calvin

Have a wonderful weekend...see you Monday!

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