Wednesday, February 25, 2015

February 25th 2015

The morning started off with the students getting new seats in the room.  After recess we talked more about teeth and how we can take care of our teeth.  We learned that the outside of an egg is a lot like the outside of our teeth and used this idea to do an overnight experiment.  An egg was placed in a cup of water, a cup of soda and a cup of milk to see what will happen if left over night.  Students wrote a hypothesis about what they think will happen to each of the eggs.  After we wrote our hypothesis, students got to look at Mrs. Robb's and Mrs. Robb's husbands teeth that had been taken out by a dentist.  The class got to see what the roots of a tooth look like and a cavity.  After passing the teeth around we watched a movie about how to fight cavities and brush our teeth properly.  The students of room 13 are ready to take care of their teeth, knowing how long to brush for and how to floss properly!

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