Friday, October 21, 2016

Friday October 21

Hi everyone!
We had another busy week reading, writing, and thinking about ants.

Here are some ideas about the week from the students:
"Learning more about anthills." Miki
" I liked the drawing pumpkin art project." Caragh & Juliet & Willow & Corinne
"I liked making the flip books about ants." Rory and Olivia, Emma L.
"I thought it was kind when Charlie made a scroll for me about being a good friend," Milo
"I like watching the science video about ants." Luke, Katherine,
"I really liked solving the ant story problems." Jude
"When I had nobody to play with , Milo came and played with me." Charlie
"Moving to new seats!" Emma
"Reading chapter books." Vivian
"We learned about army ants - they stretch out 14 meters to catch food." Jake
"I am getting excited about getting ants in the room." Cyan
" I like the pokemon drawing books." Jake

Here is some of the research we did about ants this week:

Thanks everyone!  Have a nice weekend!

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