Thursday, April 20, 2017

Whatever the weather....young meteorologists!

Hi everyone! April 20th has been very busy!  After six weeks, pages of reading, reams of writing, dozens of drawings, and research galore, have wrapped up our current study of weather!

We began to day with a visit (paid for by our generous PTA) from the Portland Audubon Society to show us how weather effects the habitats of Oregon - and the animals that live in the many habitats of Oregon.  The speaker took us through a virtual tour of the state habitats, and the animal pelts allowed us to see how the animals are different depending on their environment.

A cougar pelt

this is a Timber wolf!

In the afternoon, we invited other students to join us and learn more about weather.  First we working with 4th grade, and then with Kindergarten students.


 Finally, we welcomed out parents!  We hoped you learned something new about weather!

Plasma Ball

Thanks for all of the support from home for your child's learning at school.

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