Friday, April 26, 2013

Friday, April 26th, 2013

Duniway Room 13,

What a fabulous Friday! We shared our amazing habitat projects, researched our class animals, and played fun math games. I will miss all of you and hope you have a wonderful rest of the year! Enjoy the pictures of our Polar habitat creations, and have a great weekend!

Mrs. Tracy and Mrs. Robb!

Lainey, Aoife, and William sharing Polar projects!

Seth displaying his diagram!

Sami talking about his interactive game-board!

Evan sharing and discussing components of each game.

Pointing out special features!

Lainey and Ava are engaged in Catalina's description!

Riley describing her creation to Della and Maddy.

Teddy explaining his game design!

William and friends playing a game on the carpet!

Close up :)

WOW! What a game!

Playing their creative Polar habitat game!

Mrs. Tracy and Sami playing Sami's fun iceberg game!!!

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