Monday, April 8, 2013

Monday April 8

Hi Everyone!
We have had an extraordinary amount of volunteers offering their time and cars for this field trip.  We will only need eight parents, so not everyone can attend this time around.  I have emailed everyone who has offered with information.  On a personal note, I am consistently amazed by the outpouring of support by the parents in our room.  You are fantastic partners in your child's education. -Mrs. Robb

Please return all permission slips ASAP. 

News from today:

Lainey and many other students really enjoyed the art project today.  The artists used sharpie pens and water colors to create sunsets with foreground silhouettes.  They turned out great!

Evan thought is was very friendly that Cole taught him a new math game.

Savannah thought it was very kind when Aoife and Hannah noticed that she was a little lonely at lunch recess and offered to play a game with her.

Hayden appreciated it when Bailey, Seth, and Zac played a game with him during recess when he asked them.

Thanks everyone!  Homework is returned on Thursday this week.

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