Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Wednesday October 7

Today the Special Person was Ruby, who told a wonderful story about camping overnight at the Oregon Zoo!  Who knew you could do that?  Wow!

The learners have many ideas to share with you today:
"I really liked making the origami owl for my locker." Zach
"I like the really good math games on the iPad."Miles
"Today I enjoyed measuring things with a yard long string." Ana
"I enjoy completed math equations like we did today." Liam
"Literacy learning was fun today because I was at the observe an object station at the carpet." Ashe
"It was kind of Natalie to make me a picture today." Ruby
"I liked it when Ruby drew me a picture today." Ia
"It was fun to design the pictures of grass we used to measure and create line plots with." Matilda
"I like being door closer this week, helping to make sure everyone was out of the room." Aiden (and you did a great job helping with that this week!- Mrs. Robb)

See you tomorrow at the end of day open house!

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