Thursday, October 1, 2015

Thursday October 1 Happy Birthday Lucia!

Luke was the Special Person of the day and he told us a wonderful story about tapping maple trees in Vermont with his family so they could make syrup!  Apparently, it is a family tradition - amazing!

Here are some ideas from the students today:
"I learned what sequences means in music class." Brady
"Brady helped me read something that didn't make sense- then I understood it!" Kaiser
"I enjoyed the art center during literacy time." Zoe
"I liked the story 'Creepy Carrots' - and was happy to get a 5 in music" Grace
"Matilda helped me during math." Freyja
"The line plot graphs in math were fun." Ana
"It was very kind when Ashe offered to let me play football at recess when I could not think of anything to do." Liam
"Playing 'Anything but One" was fun during math." Ashe
"I liked playing 'Anything but ONe' with Matilda." Natalie

Thanks everyone - homework and library books tomorrow!

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