Thursday, November 20, 2014

Thursday November 20

We had another busy day learning more about ants, trying to wrap up some projects so we are ready for our ant museum party.  Here are some idea about today:

"I liked seeing all of the posters I have designed up around the school." Finn
"I liked making a model of an ant!" Sammy
"The coin problem during math was interesting." Zach
"Making the poster about why we need ants." Maddie
" I liked the bird/ant project!" Bernadette and Emily
"It was nice to see the straight line art up in the hall." Mia
"The new math game Shake Reach and Record is fun." Peter
"Peter helped me with some work today - that was nice of him." Kelley
"I;m enjoying creating my ant non-fiction book." Audrey
"Jenner helped me when I fell playing soccer." Cash
"I enjoyed watching Planet Ant today" Brooke
"We got to play the bells at music!" Ayana

Remember, homework and library books tomorrow!  See you then!

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