Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Wednesday November 19

Hi again!

We had another busy day working hard reading, writing, and talking about ants.

Today we researched and created posters with this question:  Why does the world need ants?  Here are some pictures of their creative process...

Here are ideas about the day from the students:

"Everyone got to make up a new game during was really fun! "  Finn & Zach
"I liked making about poster about why the world needs ants." Maddie & others...
"Watching the movie "Planet Ant" teaches us new information." Mia & Bernadette
"The new 5's song was fun to sing." Sammy
"I enjoyed playing 5-in-a Row with Elisabeth." Brooke
"When Jackson was feeling bad about his poster, Everett and I reminded him about how great it was!" Thomas

See you tomorrow!

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