Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Tuesday December 2

Hi everyone!
This week Elisabeth came back with beautiful stories about Hawaii to read to us from her book.

Today our visitor was Barb and her dog Abby from the Oregon Humane Society.  They came to teach us more about dog safety.  We really enjoyed her ideas...and we all were able to pet Abby!

Here are some more ideas about today from the students:
"I liked when Mr. Wiener pretended that Frosty was outside the door!" Bernadette
"It was great to meet Barb and Abby." Audrey and the class
"The clay art was great!." Mia and the class
"I liked helping Isabelle at recess." Emily
"I was able to walk around the cafeteria with Laura and help her dismiss kids! " Ayana

Thanks everyone!  Turn in those permission slips ASAP!

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