Tuesday, January 6, 2015

January 6 - Happy New year!

Hi everyone!

We are getting back into our routine here at school.  This week we are working on using efficient strategies for addition and subtraction of numbers to 20.

We also began work on our next unit of study :  food and nutrition!  We began by drawing and talking about our favorite foods we eat at home...that made us pretty hungry!

Later, we will be asking and answering questions such as: Where does our food come from?  Why do we eat certain foods?  What nutrients are in the foods we eat?  How do we make different meals?  Why are some foods better for our bodies than others?  Keep checking back for some of the interesting ideas we discover over the next few weeks!

Here are some ideas from the students today:

"I liked writing the instructions for making a taco together." Jenner
"It was nice when Brooke and Elisabeth played with me at recess." Ayana
"I enjoyed creating 'Our Favorite Food Chart' together." Maddie
"I'm excited that we will be having a field trip." Bernadette
"I liked creating a chart about what we are good at for writing." Audrey
"It was fun in music when Mr. Weiner played guitar." Owen

See you tomorrow!

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