Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Tuesday January 13

We continued our learning about food today by sharing our favorite kinds of bread, reading about how bread is made, and watching short movie about how different cultures make different bread.  We are glad that lunch comes right after our project time about food, because all of this thinking about food make us hungry!

We are also continuing to write "How To" books where we are the teachers and explain the steps to completing a project.

Here are some ideas from the students about today:

"I enjoyed writing about how to write and understand Roman Numerals." Finn

"I enjoyed writing time today." Kaden

"The movie about how different people cook bread was really interesting." Sammy

"I lost my tooth today!" Thomas

"I am enjoying writing my 'how to' book." Owen

"It was fun to change seats today!" Emily

"I really like the chance to help Mrs. Robb with small projects." Ayana

The learning continues...see you tomorrow!

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