Friday, August 28, 2015

Friday, August 28 Enjoy some pictures!

Hi everyone!

This has been another lovely day getting to know your wonderful are a few pictures from the day...

Here are some ideas from the students today:

"I really liked library and silent reading time" Grace/Sophia
"I liked the books I checked out from the library" Natalie
"During choice time it was fun to play with Adina!" Sophia
"I liked building a puzzle with Mrs. Robb." Ruby
"Math was fun today!"Aiden
"I liked the math equations we worked on today." Liam
"Ana complimented by shark tooth - that made me feel good." Lucia
"My favorite time of the day was building LEGO designed with Luke and Aiden" Miles
"iPads are really fun!" Aiden
"I enjoyed helping others during choice time (and they really appreciated the help!) Sam
"The circle game during math was fun today!" Ashe
"Playing the marble run with Adina was fun!" Ryan
"I just liked the whole day!" Zoe

Thanks everyone for a great first two days - see you Monday!

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