Thursday, November 19, 2015

Thursday November 19

Hello again!

Yesterday the ant scientists completed a bit more research regarding the following question:  Why does the world need ants? (thanks Zach for being the first one to ask the question!)  First the students read and discussed the topic, then they presented to the class their idea.  While they presented, we created a visual flowchart to show and connect our ideas:

Today the student created posters to reflect their learning about the importance of ants.
The young mathematicians also had time fore partner games using adding and subtracting.

Finally, we had an all school assembly today where our class sang the "number songs" we have been learning during math.  These songs are a way to begin skip counting, the foundation of multiplication.  Ask your child to sing one to you!  Teacher Julie took pictures and videos - when she sends them, I'll get it posted on the blog!
Thanks for a great day - see you tomorrow!

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