Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Wednesday November 4

Hi everybody!
During literacy learning, one of the work centers is to design an ant to show the basic anatomy.

Later, we researched information about ant habitats:
Did you know some anthills can go 40 feet down to the ground?

Finally, we spent some time solving the ant story problems written by each other!  Here are some mathematicians, shopping for story problems.

A busy day of learning for all!

Here are some ideas from the learners:
"I liked solving the math story problems." Natalie  & Ruby
"I liked number corner when we found out that three coins can make 6 combinations." Ana
"I enjoyed being challenged by ant story problems!" Zach
"I liked the little extra math I did today." Sam
"I really liked solving the ant story problems and helping out Miles by explaining how to choose a problem." Liam
"Aiden helped me carry the choice time bucket to the carpet." Tyler
"It was kind of Zach to help me with math." Lucia
"Grace helped me dove her story problem." Ryan
"Ryan complimented by bag." Zoe
"Reading and solving story problems was fun today." Ia & Ashe & Aven

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