Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Tuesday December 17

Hi everyone!
Today was very busy.  We began reading and writing in our literacy centers.  After music, we worked on a math concept with problems like this:

4 + 6 = 5  +   __                  11= ____ +  8                   2   +    ______  +  8  =  16

Understanding that the equal sign means "the same as" and being able to understand the relationship between addition and subtraction in order to find the unknown quantity is a second grade standard in math.

In the afternoon, we began our independent fairy tale projects!  The students are cooking up some great creations...we will take many pictures on Thursday when they are completed.  We will be presenting projects to several kindergarten classes on Thursday afternoon!

Ideas from the students:
"I enjoyed quiet reading because I was able to read "Olive the Other Reindeer"...it's a funny book!" Cassidy
"I liked making my Fairy Tale book." Olivia
"I enjoyed designing my fairy tale project." Anders
"It was great to make a fairy tale puppet theater with Alex!" Matthew
"I learned something new from the Scholastic News we read during literacy centers" Beckett
"I liked designing King Midas' castle with Ezra." Jasper

I suggested that it may be fun to dress up a little tomorrow for our theater visit...it's up to you!
See you at 10:45!

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