Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Wednesday April 9

Hi everyone! 
Happy Birthday to Matthew yesterday!

This week we have been concentrating on assessments to inform the report card writing day this Friday.  We have also been learning more about storms; how they form and their impact on people.  Today we learned more about hurricanes, including some of the more disastrous ones that have impacted the United States.

We have enjoyed Mrs. Beach as our guest teacher on Friday and Tuesday afternoon.  She brought a really fun art project yesterday, and I think she is looking forward to the times she can come back and see us!
Bring homework tomorrow please!

Ideas from the children today:
"Mrs. Beach brought us a new game called "Mountain Climber".  Cassidy
"It was fun to play with Evalyn at recess." Norah
"It was nice to play with Parker when we were outside." Alex
"I had alot of fun playing LEGO friends with Olivia during choice time today." Roxana
"During math I enjoyed playing Race to $2.00 with Drew- the quarter won both times!" Beckett
"I liked playing Stack the States with Beckett and Drew because even though we had to guess alot, we still had fun." Anders
"Cooper and Parker played Hawaii Dream Vacation with me during math.  They both played fair, and Cooper even gave me the correct money when I put too much in.  It was very friendly." Miles
"It was fun to spend some time making friends with Beckett!" Drew

Please remember to read the Duniway update each week for more information about events happening at school- see you all tomorrow!

(PS- sorry about there being a few days since our last update because I've been out at professional events/meetings.)

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