Monday, April 14, 2014

Monday April 14

Thanks again to all of the parents who can drive to the Oregon Gardens.  Your contribution makes the field trip possible.  If we had to reserve a school bus to drive us to our location, the cost would be close to $600- for ONE bus.  This would make the field trip cost $23 per student on top of all other fees.  As you can see, your help is vital to our ability to travel on field trips.  We will have two more trips this year, so I will email the dates soon in order to give you time to make arrangements to volunteer.

Today we discussed a book about a family working for the chance to move into a better home, wrote facts about thunder and lightening, worked together to learn more about fractions by dividing up pretend candy bars, then learned more about the difference between climate and weather...whew...
Thanks to Layton for keeping a weather journal, which is a perfect example of how meteorologists determine the climate of an environment.

Enjoy the sun and I'll see you tomorrow!

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