Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Wednesday April 2

We had a busy day again.  Here are some ideas from the students:

"I liked finishing up the art boxes." Beckett, Alex and others
"I really liked writing about weather on the rainbow (weather poem)." Olivia
"It was kind of Roxana to make me a book."  Cassidy
"I really like the stories from Sideways Stories from Wayside School."  Norah, Anders & many others
"It was great when Cooper taught me how to make origami designs." Layton
" The Electrostorm Ball (Tesla Coil) was really interesting." Thomas and others (pictures tomorrow)
"Layton taught me a new part of the physics game on the iPad."  Miles
"Evelyn and Lola helped me upstairs during art."  Hensley

They are such a kind, interesting, group of children!

Book orders are due on Friday!  I'll understand if there are not many orders given the book fair before break.  Enjoy the sun and I'll see you tomorrow!

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