Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Tuesday April 29

Hi!  We forgot to wish Evalyn a HAPPY BIRTHDAY here on the blog!  So....Happy Birthday (belated) Evalyn!

Ideas from the students today:
"I enjoyed learning more about the grasslands of the world." Matthew and many others

"Reading about Prairie Dogs during literacy time was interesting." Thomas

"I liked learning more about real cowboys during literacy time." Alex

"Hensley helped me research more information about grey squirrels on the iPad." Evalyn

"I enjoyed helping Alex with subtraction strategies during math," Matthew

"I liked writing because I am making progress in my animal research book."Norah

"I enjoyed researching information about giraffes."  Hensley

This week we will be creating projects involving reading and writing about the world's grasslands.
Stay tuned for project pictures...

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