Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Earth Day Field Trip (lots of pictures)!

The students in room 13 spent their Earth Day exploring Kelley Point Park and Smith Bybee Wetland!  Our morning started off with a nature walk led by our wonderful parent volunteers.  Students found a giant tree to climb in and an anchor that was right at the end of the park.  We ate our lunches by the edge of the Willamette and Columbia Rivers, up in a meadow.  There were plenty of walking sticks to go around and everyone explored the beaches at the park.

After our time at Kelley Point we drove over to the Wetlands.  This time we had our own guides to show us all around the wetlands.  Students got to explore with microscopes and other tools to find wildlife in the wetlands.  Groups of students got to see turtles, frogs, eagles and salamanders just to name a few!  It was a great way to spend Earth Day for the students in room 13!
Students found a trail that led to the beach

Kelley Point

Listening to our guide

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