Thursday, April 16, 2015

Weather Books & Projects

Today we are creating our very own weather books.  The books are made up of all of the projects we have created during the weather unit.  Students got the chance to display all of their work in a creative way with the use of crafts in the room.  Each student was able to choose the color of their book and decorate it however they wished.  Some students used lots of colors and stickers, while others chose to create their own cut outs and decorate with crayons and marker.  Everyone has the same projects in their books, however each student laid out their book differently.  Parents will have a chance to see the weather books tomorrow!

Students have also been busy today with their weather projects.  Everyone got to pick their own weather topic and use the resources in the room to create a project of their choice.  The creativity was amazing, students made board games, posters, diagrams and books to share tomorrow.  While the room may have looked a bit messy, it was all in the name of creativity for the students!  Tomorrow will be an exciting day in room 13 as students show off all of their hard work during our weather unit.
picking stickers for our weather books

sorting through our projects

Day 2 of weather projects

making use of all the classroom resources

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