Thursday, January 14, 2016

Happy Art Museum Field Trip

Hi everyone!
We had a great walk to the MAX station - wet, but fun!  Here are some pictures from our trip!

 Here are some ideas from the day!
"We really liked drawing in our journal at the museum." Luke & Lucia
"It was kind when Zoe made me a bracelet." Ryan
"I learned that art isn't just something you look at, but you can experience it with all your senses." Grace and Zoe
"You can make art from anything." Liam
"It was kind when Xander gave me the window seat." Tyler
"I learned about a lot of different artists." Zach
"Art is more than just paintings." Ashe
"Sculptures are art, too." Ana
"It was kind when Adina gave me a bracelet." Mathilda
"It was kind when Sam offered to read a book with me." Aven

See you tomorrow!

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