Monday, January 11, 2016

Monday January 11

Hi everyone!  Happy New Year!
Sorry this is the first post of the new year...last week was generally hectic!

For the next month or so we will be working to learn more about health and nutrition, how different food helps our bodies and why, germs, and dental health.

In mathematics, we are entering a unit on geometry; specifically the characteristics of 2-D and 3-D shapes and equivalent area.

Today we began with a wonderful art lesson led by Jen:

We focused on more geometry during math and shared our poem and story of the week.
Here are some ideas the learners shared today:

"I learned the word quadrilateral." Adien, Lucia, Darby
"Ryan apologized when she bothered me, and it warmed my heart." Grace
"Zoe helped me feel better at recess." Ryan
"I learned the shape 'oval'." Tyler
"This was a wonderful day because of my class, friends, teacher and school." Miles
"Ana made me feel better at recess when someone was unkind." Adina
"When I got hurt today, Liam, Sam and a bunch of other kids were really kind." Ashe
"I learned more about fact families!" Natalie
"When my friends found me an played with me at recess." Ana
"At recess when nobody would play with me, Ryan did!" Zoe
"When Ashe got hurt he was a good sport about it." Sam

See you tomorrow everyone!

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