Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Tuesday, January 19th

This week we are starting our unit on grains!  We will be learning about how this important food group helps our bodies.  We also read a book about the life of Rev. Martin Luther King.  Here are some thoughts from the day:
"Bread can be cooked in all different shapes." -Ruby
"I read a book about how chocolate is made and where it comes from." -Aven
"I learned that bread is yummy and amazing!" -Ashe
"Ryan complimented me on my glasses." -Natalie
"Sophia made me an iPod out of paper." -Lucia
"I learned how to solve story problems." -Tyler
"Bread is an important part of our lives." -Sophia
"Natalie said she would make me a bracelet." -Ryan
"I learned how to make bread." -Miles

Don't forget to ask your child about what we are doing for Kindness Week!

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