Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Tuesday January 12

Hi everyone!
Today we continued our study of food by learning more about the trip milk makes from the farm to the store.  Here are some ideas about the day from the learners:

"I learned the idea parallelogram." Zoe
"We learned more about shapes and how great this school is." Miles
"I learned about palindromes- and I am one! "  Ana
"It is kind of Sam to illustrate the books I type at home." Ashe
"Ryan helped me feel better today." Adina
"It was kind when Tyler invited me on a playdate." Aiden
"I learned that three empty shapes can be filled three different ways." Grace
"I learned how milk gets transported to the store." Aven
" I learned that there are dairy cows and other cows." Matilda

Have a great day - field trip tomorrow!

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