Thursday, September 15, 2016

Thursday September 15

Hi everyone!
This week we have learned even more about the students in room 13.

Monday, Emma L. was special person - she told us about her favorite ride at Oak's Park - The Screamin' Eagle!
Tuesday, Jake told us about being pulled on an inner tube behind his grandparents speed boat!  WOW!
Wednesday we learned that Milo's favorite ride at Disneyland is California Screamin'
Today, Cyan told us about going roller skating with his family!

We began literacy centers this week.  Thanks to all of the wonderful folks who volunteered to help during literacy time - you have been fantastic!  Your children are settling into the routine of literacy time very well.

In math, we began using math spiral notebooks to record our thinking during Number Corner. This time gives us an opportunity to explore numbers in many ways, such as understanding the number 15 as money, time, or as a rectangle.  The students also worked through the first set of Math Workplaces for the year and should be bringing that work home today.

See you tomorrow!

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