Friday, September 2, 2016

Friday September 2

Today our special person was Katherine who told us a story about going swimming at her grandparents house in Florida - oh, and it was also her birthday!  Happy birthday Katherine.

Here are some ideas from the learners this week:
"I really liked all of the books in the classroom." Jake & Nicolas
"I like the math books." Emma & Arron & Admiral
"I liked the iPads." Milo
"I liked making friends" Charlie
"I liked all of the art projects." Juliet
"I liked the books with CD's" Luke
"I like the fairy books." Vivian
"Olivia was kind because she found a Pokemon books and she shared it with me!" Emma
"I liked the iPad"  Oliva
"I liked all of the art" Willow
"I liked Number Corner." Jude
"I like all of the kind people in the room." Miki
"I liked the Special Person writing." Caragh

Have a great long weekend!

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