Friday, September 30, 2016

Friday September 30

Hi everyone!
Today the Special person was Rory - who told us a story about visiting a family cabin in Alaska!  That is where her mom grew up!

Here are some ideas from the learners this week:
"I liked meeting Mrs. Beach." Miki
"I liked math because it is fun for me to read and learn." Olivia
"I liked Mrs. Beach's art project because we got to color with glue." Rory
"I like the drawing pokemon books because my drawings help him learn." Juliet
"I like the math spiral because I can record my ideas." Arron
"I like this class because we get along together." Jake
"I like the chapter books because they are long and interesting ." Emma
"I like the math art project about measuring." Caragh
"I liked the pokemon drawing books because I get to make something for Ms. Robb." Emma
"I liked the inch by inch math because we got to make a line plot." Jude
"I like chapter books because they hope me read." Vivian
"I like Charlie because he my friend  and he is kind." Milo
"I like when we do measuring during math because it is fun." Willow

Have a great weekend!

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