Thursday, September 22, 2016

Thursday September 22

Hi everyone!  Welcome to the first day of fall!

This week, our Monday Special Person was Corinne - she told us story about visiting the beach and playing in the ocean with her family.  On Tuesday, Jinju told us about a time where she rode the Ferris Wheel with her mom - and it went very high!

Yesterday was Luke's birthday, and he was the Special Person!  He told use about an amazing trip to Australia - and how he got to hold a baby alligator!!

Today the Special Person is Vivian - she got to ride on her grandpa's speed boat on a visit to Arizona.

The students have such amazing stories to tell - and each day your child writes a story about a similar experience that we put into a book for the special person.   We are learning about how much we have in common AND discovering many personal narrative topics of writing.

In math, we continue to explore units of measurement.  Today the young mathematicians created a giant foot (otherwise known as a yard) to measure large distances.  Ask them about something they have measured with their giant feet!
Here are a few pictures of them hard at work.

Check in tomorrow for more fun ideas from the learners~

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