Friday, November 22, 2013

Friday November 22

The second graders in room 13 are thankful....

For my family and my pet dog Sophie- Thomas
For my family and my pet dog Gyp- Jasper
For my family & my friends & house and food - Lola
My family my grandma because is really encourages me-Norah
My family and two pet cats- Kali
My food, water and family-Layton
My family and friends- Dah
My mommy daddy- Isabella
Animals and my family- Anders
My family and brother- Matthew
My family and my giant teddy bear because he is comfortable when I sleep- Miles
Food, water and and world because without the world we wouldn't be alive-Lauren
My mom and dad and my sister- Beckett
For God and what he made for us-Drew
For my dog Maxine because she is soft- Ezra
For my family and dog that died named Marvin- Copper
For my family and my dog- Sam
My family and food and water- Parker
My family and my hamster and two dogs that died- Ryder
My family and dogs because tell me when someone tries to break in my house- Cassidy
For Turkey my uncle's dog because he licks me!- Hensley
My family and my blanket because my blanket smells good to me!- Evalyn
My family and my two cats- Sophia

Your children are precious- enjoy your time together being thankful for every minute we have with them.  Happy Thanksgiving!

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