Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Tuesday November 19

We had another busy day working on our own designs for ant projects.  There is a nice energy in the room as the students exchange ideas and develop them together into a "final project."  It is amazing the creativity that I witness watching them work.  Really amazing!

Ideas from the kids:

"I liked making a model of an anthill with Lauren." Cassidy
"It was nice that Ryder used his choice time to help with our project." Kali
"I enjoyed playing basketball with Beckett, Anders, Drew, and Sam because they all play fair." Jasper
"I really enjoyed designing my own ant projects." Beckett
"I liked playing 2 square with Layton because he is my friend and because he plays fair." Miles
"It was nice making a new friend Evalyn while we worked on an ant project together." Lola
"It was really nice of Matthew to help me with my project idea because it was was a really big project that needed more than one person to help!" Sam

Everyone was friendly and helpful as they worked on projects...
see you all tomorrow!

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