Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Tuesday November 5

Hi Everyone!  I'm sorry there was no blog post yesterday.  On Mondays I rush off to a staff meeting and on Wednesdays I rush off to class, so I am sorry if I can't get a post ready.

We were very busy yesterday and today.  Yesterday we completed a lovely watercolor art project which makes our room look like falling leaves!  Today we were also very busy partially because in addition to our regular work, we are helping with the school Book Drive.  We have made posters and will present speeches to a kindergarten and first grade classroom about why they should donate books!

Here are some ideas from today:

"I liked the two ant projects we made today."  Alex, Matthew, Anders, Cassidy and others.
"I liked the new add & spin game we learned during math." Beckett
"Writing was fun because I finished a story." Anders
"I liked calendar because we sang the 4's song." Olivia
"I enjoyed using the math game on the computer because it was challenging."  Sam
"I enjoyed writing a summary of our story of the week, 'Little Red Ant'." Jasper

It is 3:45 now and almost dark...welcome November!
See you tomorrow!

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