Monday, November 18, 2013

Monday November 18

Hi everyone.  Sorry I was gone on Friday, but it turns out I had strep throat...I'm on antibiotics and back on my feet, but just barely...I will have a very quiet voice for a few days.

We had a busy is what the students had to say about their day:

"We really enjoyed creating the ant book!"  Beckett, Lola, Anders, Miles, Olivia, Evalyn & many others!
"Making the tissue paper turkeys was very fun because they really look like feathers on the turkey!"
Jasper, Anders, Cassidy & many others...

"It was great to play wall ball with Layton because he is so nice!"  Miles

Here are a few pictures of their ant book making:

Alex continues to have fun in Australia!  Here a picture of an interesting meal he had...

And another from today!

Ok...see you tomorrow!

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