Thursday, March 20, 2014

Thursday March 20

Hi everyone!  Today we spent more time reading and writing about weather, learned more about clouds, and continued using the standard algorithm for double-digit subtraction; whew!

Here are some more ideas from the kids:

"It was nice when Lauren played with me at recess." Cassidy
"I liked using multiplication during Number Corner." Miles
"I enjoyed using the new LEGO's during choice time." Dah
"The Tomie DePaola book about clouds was fun!" Layton
"I enjoyed reading a new book with Kali today." Norah
"It was nice of Ezra to let me read his new book with him." Jasper
"I enjoyed sharing ideas and playing with Roxana today." Evalyn
"I enjoyed reading with Sam during quiet reading." Parker

Library books and homework tomorrow-  see you then!

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