Monday, March 10, 2014

Monday March 10

Today we kept busy!  We moved to new seats and learned our new poem and book of the week.
We also learned more about wind and how it is formed!

Here are some ideas from the kids:

"I liked making a diagram about how wind is formed because Mrs. Robb let me hang it up." Roxana

"I liked making a book about how wind is formed." Alex, Miles, and others...

"It was kind of Alex to share the iPad with me during Choice Time" Matthew

"I liked Bill Nye Science Guy explaining the weather because it was funny and I learned new things." Layton

"Jasper taught me the math game he created."  Ezra

"It was nice for Evalyn to help me finish my book about wind." Hensley

"Sophia helped me clean out our locker!" Norah

I heard the auction was a great success!  Great job everyone!

See you tomorrow!

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