Monday, March 17, 2014

Monday March 17- Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Happy birthday Jasper!

We started the day with some Irish spirit- and maybe a visit from an little Irish spirit!

Later in the day we researched more about clouds and the weather they is the poster we created from our ideas:

Thanks to everyone, but also Lauren who gave us such a nice "pot of gold" example to help us remember that rainbows originate from stratus clouds.

Here are ideas from the students:
"I enjoyed creating examples of weather tools." Alex, Layton, Matthew, and others
"I enjoyed researching and creating a poster about clouds." Layton
"Reading about clouds with Evelyn was fun because the books we were reading had alot of information about clouds." Norah
"When we were researching clouds, it was kind for Norah to help me when I got stuck on a word."  Hensley

See you tomorrow!

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