Thursday, March 13, 2014

Tuesday March 4 (whoops, forgot to press post! Here it is, better late than never!)

Today we studied more about how the Sun heats the Earth and how this is the basic cause of weather on our planet.
We also had a fun visit from Mr. Goldstein.  In honor of Dr. Suess, he shared his favorite Dr. Suess book with us- The Butter Battle Book.  Here are some pictures...and a video!  Thanks Mr. Goldstein- come back and visit any time!
Here are some more ideas from the students:
"It was helpful when Miles picked up my coat at recess when I was in a hurry." Layton
"I enjoyed having Mr. Goldstein read to us." Cassidy
"I enjoyed playing tag with Matthew and other friends at recess because everyone was playing fair." Alex
"Evelyn was very nice to me at recess." Hensley
See you tomorrow-


Here are some ideas from the kids...

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